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Interactive Media: Resume

April 7, 2009

I’ve had much instruction from both my mother and father on the subject of resume´s and their importance in my pitiful life. As such, I’m pretty confident about being able to make a decent resume´ that will look appealing and have the proper information.

As usual, however, that little hard-working, overachieving bit of me had to nag and worry. So I’ve gone and done a bit of research on the specifics of a graphic design resume´ and the kind of things people are looking for in a portfolio before I waste three hours putting something together, only to realize I’ve done it wrong.

So enjoy.

The Graphic Design Resume Guide
A Well Designed CV = Job at first sight
Samples of Graphic Resumes
Resume Do’s and Don’ts
Guide to Resume Styles
7 Deadly Resume Writing Sins
Lil Resume Tutorial

The One Page Graphic Portfolio Guide
Advice for Online Graphic Portfolios


Media Class: Assorted Learning

February 11, 2009

An assorted bit of learning from the past few weeks.

I’ve had a lot of frustration with scrollpanes. I want one that works by merely hovering, instead of this repetitive click click clicking.. can’t seem to hammer it out. Tried to use this tutorial but my components box is always empty, so I can’t finish it which is frustrating. I really hate working in CS4 when its still so new, because all the tutorials seem outdated.

My first  Scrollpanes!
Scrollpanes type two!

Learning how to do forms
And more forms…
The print button on map page & disabling flash printing