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Interactive Media: Portfolio Wrap-up

April 14, 2009

Working on the whole Portfolio thing again today. It’s nearly finished, but I kind of feel like it’s a little… empty? I’d been pretty confident about liking this minimalistic gray thing that I have going on but I’m not really sure if I’m happy with it anymore. I don’t really think it’s worth going back and figuring out an actual color scheme, seeing as the entire site is pretty functional and nice. Considering I have other finals to work on that I have been putting aside so I can work on this full time, I think I’m going to just keep with this coloration, and I can change it later on.


The last thing I need to work out is how to embed my blog somehow into the website. I know I could probably create a custom theme for wordpress that would make my blog look just like my website, but i’d much rather have it embedded somehow than merely have the “blog” link take the viewer off-site.

I’ve been researching some options and I think I’ll mess around with this IFrame stuff and see how simple that is.

That’s all for now. Over and Out.


Interactive Media: Resume

April 7, 2009

I’ve had much instruction from both my mother and father on the subject of resume´s and their importance in my pitiful life. As such, I’m pretty confident about being able to make a decent resume´ that will look appealing and have the proper information.

As usual, however, that little hard-working, overachieving bit of me had to nag and worry. So I’ve gone and done a bit of research on the specifics of a graphic design resume´ and the kind of things people are looking for in a portfolio before I waste three hours putting something together, only to realize I’ve done it wrong.

So enjoy.

The Graphic Design Resume Guide
A Well Designed CV = Job at first sight
Samples of Graphic Resumes
Resume Do’s and Don’ts
Guide to Resume Styles
7 Deadly Resume Writing Sins
Lil Resume Tutorial

The One Page Graphic Portfolio Guide
Advice for Online Graphic Portfolios

Media Class: The Big Finale & Sleeplessness

February 24, 2009


ALLAUS is finally finished..

That link there is the reason I have not slept since Sunday night. That link there is the uploaded (which made it all slow, wahh!) culminitive fulfillment of my career in Flash. It’s all on Angelfire, I hope you guys can see it properly! I hope to God I never have to touch this accursed program again. Of course that probably won’t happen, but it’s a nice thought

In other news, I am heading to Abeline with Wishing Well at about 1:30 today to help support our branch up there. RoomieRachel will be turning in my Flash assignment, seeing as I’m heading off before class. Hopefully I don’t miss too muc. God, that’s in 12 hours, and that’s a 5 hour drive. I can only hope that I’ll get some sleep on the ride up, because I will be driving back at midnight, and I don’t want to be driving after two nights of no-sleep. If i do, it will be interesting, to say the least. I’m hoping to have a good time there.

Media Class: Assorted Learning

February 11, 2009

An assorted bit of learning from the past few weeks.

I’ve had a lot of frustration with scrollpanes. I want one that works by merely hovering, instead of this repetitive click click clicking.. can’t seem to hammer it out. Tried to use this tutorial but my components box is always empty, so I can’t finish it which is frustrating. I really hate working in CS4 when its still so new, because all the tutorials seem outdated.

My first  Scrollpanes!
Scrollpanes type two!

Learning how to do forms
And more forms…
The print button on map page & disabling flash printing

Media Class: Logo

January 26, 2009

Feeling inspired today! I’ve got a great little logo idea for Allaus! 🙂 Here’s the looksy, hope you like it. I think it will go great with the coffee-inspired and artsy fun website.


Media Class: Website Research

January 22, 2009

Looking around the town for some local restaurants with websites that are in need of some good design… It’s terribly disappointing that so many restaurants are chain restaurants that already have big flashy (no pun intended) websites.

Flat tire Burgers


Beside Flat Tire, I’d really love to make a page for Cafe de Taipei, because they don’t have a website at all. But I’m not sure if I can do that, so i’ll have to check.

Anyways, Flat Tire is, seriously, like a broken down car, in need of some fixing up. Their images have poor quality, the online menu is extremely difficult to read, and the entire website is in need of something to motive people to learn more about the restraunt.

I think this little college and biker restraunt is in need of a woman’s touch 😉
I wonder what we can come up with… hmmm

What’s the competition cooking? Well, let’s take a look at some of the biggest burger places in the country… like.. Whataburger!


Wow. look at that. Clean, simple, easy to navigate, and with inviting colors and imagery.
But Flat Tire isn’t fast food. What About Red Robin, the ever delicious burger joint?


ok, ok. I’ve pretty much stepped all over Flat Tire. So lets see.. bettery imagery, brighter colors… ok. ok…

I’m going to fix this thing up just dandy.