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Life: or the lack thereof

March 1, 2009

I really needed all this  downtime after how hectic the past week has been.

Went to a party with my friend Chelsea up at OU and that was bunches of fun! I always enjoy getting the opportunity to meet new people. Made a few new friends, and learned a few new games. (Jesus, and Kyle) Speaking of parties, and fun in general, I’m dying here! DCfC is having a concert here in OK and I really want to go! I’ve wanted to go to a concert ever since I found out Ben Gibbards moved on to DCfC and that the Postal Service was dead. (that’s four years!)

Who: Death Cab for Cutie
When: Sunday, Apr 12 @ 7:30 PM
Where: The Brady Theater in Tulsa.

And speaking of crowd gathering events, I went to a Blazers game the 28th with my boyfriend (double date? his best friend and best-friend’s fiance were there) It was a pretty good game, only one fight broke out, but that;s better than nothing, right? This one poor guy got knocked out cold though. A solid minute and a half he was down. I was a bit worried that I might see a death at my first hockey game! But all turned out good. There were a few other “oooh.. owwwww” moments thoughout the game, but that one (along with the guy who did a full flip in air when he got tripped) was really memorable.
Can I say just how cool my boyfriend is? Afterwards we watched some Last-Exile, a great steampunk inspired anime. We’re going to cook together in two weeks, and I’m super excited! I’ll put up our little recipes, and how they turned out! It’s gonna be a beef stew and some great Australian bread. See you guys around later!