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January 5, 2009

Seeing as its a New Year, I figure I’ll throw out some of my favorite artists and songs from the past year. Surpised myself with how much I had diversified in musical taste…

01 The Books/smells like content
02 The Helio Sequence/everyone loves everyone
03 Joshua Radin/star mile
04 Buffalofitz/L.A. county fair
05 Andrew Bird/simple X
06 Dan Wilson/baby doll
07 Stars/heart
08 Kaiser Chiefs/love’s not a competition [but i’m winning]
09 Faded Paper Figures/being there
10 Sound the Alarm/stay inside
11 Ben Jelen/rocks
12 Dntel/breakfast in bed
13 Azure Ray/rest your eyes
14 Holopaw/abraham lincoln
15 Submarines/Brighter Discontent
16 Pernice Brothers/baby in two
17 Kaya Project/ghasi ram blues
18 Fruit Bats/rainbow sign
19 Weezer/say it ain’t so
20 Dolorean/violence in the snowy fields