Interactive Media: Resume

April 7, 2009

I’ve had much instruction from both my mother and father on the subject of resume´s and their importance in my pitiful life. As such, I’m pretty confident about being able to make a decent resume´ that will look appealing and have the proper information.

As usual, however, that little hard-working, overachieving bit of me had to nag and worry. So I’ve gone and done a bit of research on the specifics of a graphic design resume´ and the kind of things people are looking for in a portfolio before I waste three hours putting something together, only to realize I’ve done it wrong.

So enjoy.

The Graphic Design Resume Guide
A Well Designed CV = Job at first sight
Samples of Graphic Resumes
Resume Do’s and Don’ts
Guide to Resume Styles
7 Deadly Resume Writing Sins
Lil Resume Tutorial

The One Page Graphic Portfolio Guide
Advice for Online Graphic Portfolios


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